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The Influence of Sports Psychologist on the Performance Level of Athletes

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Sports psychology remains enduringly fused to general psychology by the cords of fundamental principles of psychology. The sporting world has become so important in the life of individuals, either as participants or as fanatics. It is a multi-billion dollar generating industry that without psychologists to bring out the best performance from the athletes, would be a massive failure. Every performance success is cultivated in the mind before we reap the fruitage from the husbandry of the sporting field. The muscles of the human mind need exercising just like the physical muscles of the biceps. At this point, a sports psychologist is sorted out to bridge the gap between an average performance of sheer force of practice, and an extraordinary performance based on the influence of mental strength.

It is by the assumption of most people that intense training and fitness are the ultimate key to unlocking potential in the sports world. In the contrary, psychological research show that it is the mental soundness and readiness that greatly impact the accomplishment of athletes. Whichever sporting event an individual takes part in, it is the high standards need to be maintained and this is often very draining mentally to an athlete. To tackle this, psychologists have come up with performance psychology. For an individual to produce optimal levels of performance in today’s world, performance psychology is needed to shape efficient emotional and psychological aptitudes.

Objects of research state that imaginations of movements that have already been planned in the brain limits the mistakes in the actual performance. It is thus very important for psychologists to help their clients picture certain performance levels mentally to draw them out of anxiety and tension. This greatly highlights the importance of sports psychology. It is important to note that the level of expertise the psychologist possesses in communicating such ideas to the athlete will also determine the level of motivation gained. Therefore, there needs to be a high level of trust between the two parties. This will enable the psychologist ‘tighten all the loose bolts’ of the mental incapacity in the athlete.

Additionally, the motivating factor behind an athlete’s performance levels is important factor when considering the role of sports psychology. It helps guides the approach to motivating the athlete. An athlete may be experiencing a load of problems but this never seems to impact their on-field performances. Such focus and optimum output can only be drawn through the impact of sports psychologists.

The ability to handle performance at a high level with millions of fans watching around the world can also be such a daunting task. If an athlete is not prepared to handle that kind of pressure, especially in result-based industry like the sporting world, then it could destroy their lives completely. It is the work of these psychologists to come up and shape the kind of performance needed, before the fans and bookmarkers have the chance to set the odds.

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