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Art and Intellect – The Evolution of Man

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Creativity and art are the reflections of individual intellect. Everything that the human brain stores can later be utilized in any form of art. The capability to retain the information varies for each individual.


If you look back at human development and innovation, creativity was the driving force for survival. Biologically speaking, creativity was a survival instinct, dire necessity, or improving conditions.

Similarly, animals have been seen to develop new instincts with experience and observation over time. A recent BAFTA and Academy nominee, My Octopus Teacher, discusses the mere mollusk, otherwise known as an animal with lesser intellect.

The director and storyteller discuss the evolution of the animal over centuries and how they developed defense mechanisms impacting the intelligence and physiognomy of the species.

Similarly, humans have used their brains to evolve. At first appearance, the organ is nothing but a mush of white and grey compound, however, upon closer inspection, it is also an epicenter of wonders.

Human Brain

The human brain is comprised of two hemispheres, left and right. Each hemisphere is responsible for some function, such as movement, speech, creativity, or learning.

Left Hemisphere

The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body and is responsible for language, logic, analytical thinking, math, writing skills, reasoning, science, and numeracy skills.

Right Hemisphere

The right hemisphere controls the left side of the body and partakes in art, awareness, creativity, holistic thinking, insight, music awareness, and imagination.

Art and Human Brain

The human brain drives on manifestation and growth. If a human is left to go about a routine, the brain starts depressing over time.

Over the years, schools and universities relied on words and equations for the measurement of the intellect of students. Ironically, it left highly creative and intellectual individuals to lag due to the exclusion of art in testing methods.

However, recently art has been infused into various subjects. Various studies and research concluded that art generates faster understanding and analytical thinking when used with mathematical concepts and science.

It indulges both hemispheres of the brain and intrigues the brain to develop analytical thinking and curiosity.


Art, intellect, curiosity, and innovation are driving forces for humanity. These elements have been the contributor to evolution with time and hope for better things in the future.

“Science is the language of the intellect of the society. Art is the language of entire human personality.”

- Naguib Mahfouz

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